Is your website magic?

I think if I had a penny for every time someone asked me why their website is not getting 30 leads per month I would be rich.

“The build and they shall come” attitude of some web owners puts them at a very distinct disadvantage now a days.  Today’s websites need to be more than just a series of pages, they need to convey a distinct message.  And that message is something you need to work on or pay someone to work do it.

I had someone last week ask me why his his website only got 50 listing leads in 9 months.  That breaks down to about 6 leads per month.  Upon first inspection you might say, “Well that is not much”.  But if you take into account this website had no real original content other than what was provided by the web designer, had no real marketing plan, had no money invested in any PPC or PPM advertising, and had no new content in a year, I would say the 6 leads per month is right where he should be.

Owning a website comes with some responsibility,  if you want to achieve a certain amount of success.  That responsibility comes by either you investing your time to write and develop quality content and keep that content fresh or have someone do it for you.

With all the competition today your website needs to become the authority of your marketing area.  Diverse content, blogging, and marketing all come with the territory.  The Internet or more specifically search engines look for diverse and frequently updated content.  Besides optimizing your web pages for search engines and gaining link popularity (that is a topic for another post) you need to constantly battle the ever changing content world.  So you might ask how can I get all this content?  The answer is simple.  You are the expert in your marketing area, so you need to write about what you know.  If you primarily market real estate in the Fort Lee, NJ area than you need to talk about that.  Discuss the real estate market, trends, home sales, schools, lifestyles, blog about it also.  Write what make you excited or what you are the expert in.  Discuss tips that relate to your area and to your profession.  By building this content you are becoming an authoritative figure in your area, you are becoming a Content King!

The “Magic” lies in your ability to get original and fresh content on your website.  I keep on saying original because search engines spend quite a bit of money developing plagiarism detecting programs to weed out copied content.  When Google sees a plagiarised site they will decrease your relevance and thus decrease where you land on a search.

So in closing find the magic by writing good quality content and keep it fresh.  Spend some time each day or several times per month updating your website or adding new content.  It will pay off in the long run.

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