2008 Report REALTOR® Technology Survey

The 2008 NAR Technology Survey is now available.  If you are using technology (and I hope your are) give this report a look.

Link to pdf (It’s 80MB)

This survey was extended to 40,000 random REALTORS® via email.  This report summarizes national findings among associate brokers, sales agents, broker-owners (no selling), broker owners (some selling), managers (no selling), and managers (some selling).  These groups account for 942 completed surveys.  This number is large enough for overall responses to be considered statistically valid.  At the 95% level of confidence, the margin of error is +/-3.16%.

The purpose of this survey is to better understand technology trends among members and their use of technology.

Social networking, technology sourcing, lead generation, relationship building, mapping, forms & contract software, transaction management, and security are key topics of the study. Through this report CRT hopes to gain a better understanding of NAR members’ opinions and needs as well as to help the general public understand the opinions and needs of NAR members.

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