Why Blog?

So some people might ask themselves, why do I need to blog?  After all I already have a website. The answer is simple, if you want more business blog!  Social Networking has proven itself over and over again to be a successful marketing tool for the Agent.  So what does a blog give you?

Blogs are a softer side to the web.  It is a more subtle way of introducing yourself to your prospects.  People can get to know the you from a blog by the way you write.  Where your passions lay, how you feel about Real Estate just by reading your posts.  Blogs are soft sells.

Blogs are a Web 2.0 tool because they are interactive and generate feedback by the comments they generate.  They also provide RSS feeds so people can follow you.  RSS feeds are becoming more and more popular these days.

A blog brings the personal side of you to the Internet.

A blog gives you credibility

A blog can showcase your expertise in a local real estate market.

A blog becomes an extension of your website.

Done right a blog can provide an excellent source of information to buyers, sellers and other associates.

Blogs can show case your listings, make you a local expert and provide you a way to put your expertise out in a way that is interactive and thought provoking.

Social Networks like Active Rain give you the ability to meet, interact and network with other Agents all over the world.

Good blogs since they are constantly updated rank well in Search Engines.  Remember from my previous posts, content, content, content.

Great blogs cost little more than your time.  If you can spare a few hours per week you too can have a great blog!

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