Get Modivated for the Hungry Buyer

” ‘If you were in business,  say the restaurant business and you could have one ultimate advantage over the rest of your competition, what would that advantage be?’  People usually fumble around with things like better service, best food, etc.  But no, that’s not it.  The answer? ‘A starving crowd’. ”

This quote goes hand in hand with how some real estate agents are not making consistent profits on a normal basis.

Now with that said I don’t mean these agents are not intelligent or willing to follow through with all their leads but I do believe that some of them are not unlocking all their potential.   “Direct response marketing is a form of marketing designed to solicit a direct response, which is specific and quantifiable. ”

As a real estate agent you should use a bit of discretion when dealing with buyers or sellers.  For example if you just use direct marketing approaches (any general call to action form on your website), as an agent, you’ll get hits on serious as well as weary buyers because you’re throwing your name out there to everyone.    So for example a direct marketing tactic would be to email me for all your real estate needs while a direct response approach would be a form on your website for example about relocation where you require specific information to qualify the response.   By using direct response marketing you are more likely to get quality buyers and not one just shopping around.  If you receive 10 leads from your website with requests like “Looking to move”, “Need School Information”, or “Moving into the area soon” and you get 1 lead that says “Moving into the North Bergen County area.  Would like to purchase within the next 3 months.  Looking in these 5 towns”.  The contrast of these 11 leads is that the last one is a buyer ready to make a move and has a definitive response to what you are offering, while it is impossible to determine the exact intentions of the other 10 without calling them first.

So what is the solution?  Have direct response forms on your website.  Make sure your website has forms like; Relocation Requests, Dream Home Finders, and School Information requests with a set of required information that will qualify the buyers that don’t sound ready to buy from those who you know are firmly interested.  Now I don’t mean you need to ignore the colder leads but prioritize your responses.  Your website needs both direct and direct response call to action forms to be successful.

5 Tips to Make Your Direct Response Marketing Successful in Getting Leads

1st – Marketing is everything, so if you want leads make your website eye catching!  You have a few seconds when a website visitors comes to your home page to make an impression.

2nd – Don’t forget grass root marketing – Get your website name out on sign riders, voice mail, your office window, pens, basically anything where you have your name.

3rd –   The most important emotion you want provoke in your potential buyer is – curiosity!  Make them want more.

4th – When a potential buyer comes to your website make sure you include information on how your services will benefit them.

* Marketing Tip:  When writing about yourself and/or your office do not use the words – can, could, should, might, may, ought to, seek to, has the potential to, in my opinion.  Be strong and confident!  Use attention getting words like,  exclusive, premium, unique and of course use the word “you” as much as possible.

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