A Good Web Page

When you sit down to create a web page you should keep some simple things in mind if you want to keep the page SEO friendly.  Let’s say for arguments sake we are designing a page about Real Estate in Phoenix Arizona.  Here are some things to consider while you are constructing that page.

  1. Keywords – Before you even type your first word, think about what keyword phrases are going to be important to you.  So for our hypothetical page we may want to consider phrases like; Phoenix Real Estate, Phoenix AZ real estate, or homes in Phoenix.

    So what are keywords and why are they are so important?  Keywords are a word or a group of words that describe what you are searching for on the Internet.   Keyword queries on Google for example search for web sites using the keywords and try to determine which web page is the most relevant.So when designing a page you need to take into account which keywords you want to use and build your page around them.

  2. Page Name – Because you are designing a with SEO in mind, page names also become somewhat important.  Since my keyword phase is Phoenix Real Estate, a good page name would be phoenix-real-estate.htm.  Keeping your keywords in the page name is a good practice.
  3. Meta Data – There is an ongoing argument on the importance of all the Meta data but one thing for sure choose a good Meta Title.  A good Meta Title might be Phoenix Arizona Real Estate.  Adding meta keywords and meta description is not a bad idea too.  Can’t hurt.  While most engines don’t even use meta keywords, most use the Meta Description in the display to the user on the results page.
  4. Keyword ProminenceProminence is how close to the start of the area your keyword appears.  Basically a keyword that appears closer to the top of the page, toward the beginning of a paragraph, or toward the beginning of a tag will be more relevant.   Sometimes it helps to have a keyword in the middle of an area, or even toward the end of the area.   For example, a search in a major search engine for the keyword “Phoenix Real Estate” returned the following match:

    Phoenix Real Estate | Phoenix Arizona Real Estate and MLS Search Phoenix AZ Real Estate – Phoenix Arizona’s complete website for Real Estate, homes for sale and virtual tours. Search for Phoenix Real Estate on Phoenix

    The keyword, “Phoenix Real Estate,” is the first word of the site title, and a major search engine returned this site as the first match.  Documents that are exactly the same but with keywords as the second or third words in the title may score lower.   Prominence also applies to the words within the body of the document, the headings, and other tags.

  5. Keyword Frequency – Keyword frequency is how many times your keywords appear on your page.  In general the more times your keyword sets appear on a page the more relevant they are.  The trick is not to make them appear too many times.  If you use them too many times you might be penalized for keyword spamming.  Each search engine interprets this frequency differently but if you are writing good content and using your keywords wisely you should be OK.
  6. Relationships – Having different pages linked to each other will help the search engines not only weigh your keywords better but you will also help establish how they are related.  For example if you have a link on your Phoenix Real Estate Page called Phoenix Housing Statistics and link that to a page called Phoenix-housing-stats.htm you are relating the housing statics to your main page.
  7. Link Popularity – In my previous post “Link Popularity” I talk about this subject in detail.  Link Popularity is how many outbound, reciprocal, and inbound links you have.  Each is weighted differently.  To learn more on this see my other post on Link Popularity.

While this is not even close to a complete road map to optimizing your web pages, I hope it will at least guide you to some good practices on SEO design.  These are some real good best practices that you should follow when constructing any webpage.  If you want to explore more on the subject one resource you can take a look at is http://www.webposition.com.  They make a product that analyzes your web pages and also provide positioning reports.  Also I will be writing a bunch of SEO tips so keep checking back.

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