What’s in 2009

I thought I would take the time to write about what I think might be some of the topics of interest in 2009 from my perspective in terms of how the Internet will grow for the REALTOR.

2008 saw the explosion of Social Networking and Blogging.  2009 will continue to see this growth and the smart Agent will embrace this.  Social Networking is the next evolution of the Internet.  Some say it is already here, I say we ain’t seen nothing yet.

I know a lot of people are confused about Twitter but 2008 saw Twitter users explode and the user base will continue grow in 2009.  There are numerous posts on how to use Twitter (or Micro-blogging as some call it).  While not for everyone, Twitter is certainly a tool for people to use.

Social Networks like AR and Facebook will continue to bring together social units for interaction on a grand scale.

You’ll see companies like ning.com pop up in droves.  Ning and sites like them let you to create your own Social Network (kinda of your own Facebook). Why would you like to create a social network?  For the person with a bunch of time or perhaps a company with the resources, having your own social network allows you to create brand awareness, interact with a group of people, share, and connect.  I see it as abranded Facebook or AR group.

As Web 2.0 evolves the Agent website will become a portal for the hungry consumer.  No longer are websites a pretty picture but they are a interactive collection knowledge based on the community.  Don’t mistake it, the consumer is all about community.  Find the niche and you’ll get the viewers.  Blogs will become an arm of the Agent website and the interaction with listing data will evolve.  IDX will continue to grow and we’ll see more VOW’s.

Listing data will be mapped instead of searched and consumers will be more interactive with the transaction more than ever.

The biggest lead generation growth might come from the Social Networks.  Whether it is a blog, social network or micro blog, these tools will produce results and continue to evolve as the networks grow.

From a guy who designs and develops website solutions for Agents, my concentration will be on the interaction of the Agent and Consumer.  Building tools to allow your website to become a true portal to your community.  This will come from an array of back end tools the consumer will have access to and the Agent can data mine.

Well I hope you enjoyed my take on it…. I would love to hear your view on 2009 too, please share.

Happy New Year to all and wishing you a prosperous 2009!

One thought on “What’s in 2009

  1. This is encouraging since I just joined Twitter about a month ago. I always feel a bit behind in the world of social media – but then I have to remember that I follow the best in the field – but definitely on the right track. Glad to hear that it will pay off in business with lead generation. Thanks for the insightful post.


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