Get Modivated for the Hungry Buyer

" 'If you were in business,  say the restaurant business and you could have one ultimate advantage over the rest of your competition, what would that advantage be?'  People usually fumble around with things like better service, best food, etc.  But no, that's not it.  The answer? 'A starving crowd'. " This quote goes hand … Continue reading Get Modivated for the Hungry Buyer

Give your website a boost

I think everyone would agree, any website can always use more  traffic.  Here are a few ways you can try. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) PPC advertising is just as the name says.  You pay for every click your website receives.  So for example if you setup a Google Adwords Account and agree to post a $100 monthly … Continue reading Give your website a boost

IDX – Make those Internet Remarks Count

I cannot tell you how many times when I look over some IDX (Internet Data Exchange) listings I see very poorly constructed Internet remarks/property descriptions.  Some people use all caps, some people abbreviate the entire passage so much it looks like one of my daughters text messages and others just plain mis-spell or poorly construct … Continue reading IDX – Make those Internet Remarks Count

87% of Homebuyers use the Internet as an information resource

The 2008 National Association of Realtors Profile showed an overwhelming majority (87%) of recent home buyers in the US say they used the internet as an information resource during their home-buying process, and nearly one-third say they first learned about their newly purchased home from an online channel. When asked where they first learned about … Continue reading 87% of Homebuyers use the Internet as an information resource

Did you know…

Did You Know ... ...73% of homebuyers used the Internet as an information source ...74% of Internet homebuyers drove by or viewed a home they saw online ...23% of Internet homebuyers found their agent online ...24% of buyers first found their home on the Internet ...22% of FSBOs used the Internet to help sell their … Continue reading Did you know…