Get a web strategy, not a website

I have clients ask me all the time; "I have a website and IDX but I do not get many leads". That sound might resonate to many of you out there but their is a real good reason why this happens. Websites today are more than just a bunch of pages, they are a strategic marketing platform. Todays websites are more than just pretty pictures and when attention to detail is not paid, most people have poor results. Take a look at this list. How many items do you consider in your web marketing strategy.


Can Google Alerts Help The Agent?

Google Alerts are emails that are automatically sent to you when there are new Google results for your search terms. So in essense you can have google send you an email based on a set of keywords you deem important.

Agent Central Max – The Perfect fit for the busy Agent

Re/Advantage has drawn from its real estate marketing expertise and developed the blueprint for the finest custom Web sites available in the real estate industry. Agent Central Max is the state-of-the-art Web site designed with cutting edge real estate tools.