Get a web strategy, not a website

I have clients ask me all the time; “I have a website and IDX but I do not get many leads”.  That sound might resonate to many of you out there but their is a real good reason why this happens.  Websites today are more than just a bunch of pages, they are a strategic marketing platform.  Today’s websites are more than just pretty pictures and when attention to detail is not paid, most people have poor results.  Take a look at this list.  How many items do you consider in your web marketing strategy.

  1. You need to engage your prospect.  Failure to do so will simply result in a lost opportunity.
  2. Today people demand complete listing inventory.  Yes they want lots of pictures, video and good content on listings. I wrote about IDX in a previous post and how poor quality content destroys the integrity of your inventory.
  3. Responding to leads.  Yes it does make a difference if you call/email within an hour vs. 2 days.  Generation X & Y will not tolerate it.  With the advent of cell phones, Instant Messaging, and email, people today want to be connected and connected fast.
  4. KISS – Yes the adage Keep It Simple Stupid applies to your website.  Complex pages and searches will turn your audience away.  For the same reason Gen X & Y want to hear from you within 60 seconds, they also don’t want to be bogged down in your website.
  5. Social Networking – Now here is a interesting topic for the Agent.  More and more agents are embracing Social Networking but a lot of them are not leveraging it as part of their marketing strategy.  In the 2008 NAR Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers, 44% of home buyers use Social Networking every day.  That is a lot of connecting.
  6. My quest would not be complete if I did not mention, Content, Content, Content.  No website can be successful without quality content that is original in nature and is from your market’s perspective.

So what does this all mean?  Well for starters, a website needs some of your time.  Whether you hire a professional or put the time in yourself your website must evolve.  Also you need to have a good marketing plan and budget just as your do for any other marketing project.  Lastly, start connecting, most people are happy with just a website but that is not enough today.  Get involved with Social Networking as part of your web strategy.

So start planning and leverage the Internet to become your next lead machine.

One thought on “Get a web strategy, not a website

  1. Web Content, Lead Generation and Expertise

    With foreclosure activity levels at all time highs, another tremendous means for converting website visitors is a Foreclosure Search widget like ForeclosureRadar’s FLX™.

    Buyers want bargains. They believe foreclosures are bargains. And buyers are doing web searches for foreclosures. With the FLX widget, potential clients can search for properties of interest, in their price range, from an active pool of properties in foreclosure or recently sold to the bank at auction and then contact you for the details.

    This is a great opportunity for you to educate buyers on the entire market, rather than just what is in the MLS. It also helps differentiate you as someone with foreclosure expertise. With foreclosures making up 50 percent of sales in many markets this is a good place to be.


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