Should we comment on blogs?

I get asked all the time by my clients; “Why should I comment on other blogs”?  Well the answer is simple – Social Networking is built upon collaboration. The whole basis for Blogs and Social Networks is to build interactive conversation.   The whole dynamic of the blogging world is to have casual conversation on topics you have in common.  These conversations for some can lead to a business relationship later on.  Blogging does not necessarily lead to instant leads, but it builds credibility.  And the credibility you gain later leads to business.

Their is another plus side to commenting. Commenting on someones blog can also bring inbound links back to your blog. If you remember my post a previous post “Link Popularity” I spoke of the importance of good linking. 

So by commenting on other blogs you bring these inbound links back to your site.  Also by commenting on relevant blogs, your inbound links will be considered by most search engines more important in your link popularity.

So the next time you are on a blog, leave a comment.

Why not start here and leave me one.

4 thoughts on “Should we comment on blogs?

  1. Great blog post and very accurate. I lead a business referral group and have been working on linking our blogs and websites. Most have seen significant results on the search engines.


  2. As a person who entered the Real Estate industry after doing business for many years in the faster pace of the non-real estate world, I never cease to be amazed at how SLOW real estate agents/brokers/associations are to adopt and adapt to new technology. It won’t be long now before there is a clear distinction and wide success gap between two types of agent: Technology Oriented vs. Traditional.

    Most real estate agents I talk to balk at taking the time to read and comment on other industry relevant blogs…but it’s an essential element of both relationship building, AND for SEO, making it a must for any agent who wants to really leverage the power of the web.


  3. I definitely agree that commenting on other blogs is an essential part of a balanced online marketing strategy. Beyond the link benefits, it gets you invovled in the conversation.
    It does take time to visit blogs, read the posts, and provide comments with some insight (“nice post” just doesn’t cut it) but it is well worth while. It’s often a way for bigger bloggers to notice you exist if you keep at your efforts of commenting.


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