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I wrote a post a few weeks ago on why we should comment on blogs. The blog I maintain is very relevant to the Real Estate industry so the moral of the story was to take sometime and begin to comment. I even offered a reciprocal comment.

So now when we do comment, how should we go about doing it?

Here is my short “NOT” list..

  • Don’t leave short comments like “Great post” or “I agree”, include a link and think you accomplished your job.
  • Make sure your comments are of value.  Take some time to write a clear post that is grammatically correct.  Don’t leave unprofessional posts.  Remember this is a reflection of you.
  • Don’t stuff keywords in your post.
  • Don’t mass comment all at once across a single blog.
  • Don’t use the same comment across multiple blogs to try to spam your way to success.
  • Don’t advertise on your comments like “I have this great site where you can purchase…”.

Use commenting for what is was meant for, engaging the conversation.  Spend a bit of time and make a quality post, show the world you are a professional, gain some credibility and commenting will be a successful use of your time.

8 thoughts on “Blog Commenting

  1. I agree! Whoops . . .

    I like engaging comments on my blog posts. Over 50% of the comments on my posts are spam comments. I’m going to use your post in a discussion on Friday that I’m giving to a group of first time bloggers.


  2. Mark:

    I agree that blogging about real estate is worthwhile and honestly I try to keep it a secret around my office that I am blogging here and there. No sense in encouraging other Realtors in my area to blog. Although for the many friends I have met online I always tell them that blogging is worthwhile.

    Posting comments on other people’s blogs is less important to me though. Most every blog places the external no follow property in the outbound links so the search engine spiders don’t follow the link and your site doesn’t get “credit” for the link in the eyes of the search engine.

    So certainly if there is a subject that you are interested in and would like to provide some comments, I say go ahead and comment. If you are looking for some search engine optimization for your site by making comments then you are probably not getting the best results for your time.


  3. Just to add a bit to your second point, be helpful. In the real estate industry, there is so much going on, in general, that you can find any number of topics, blogs, and websites, to comment on. I’ve always felt that if you’re helpful, you can benefit the reader of the original post even further.

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  4. Chris;

    I am glad you enjoy the comments. Yeah the down side is you do get a lot of spam, but thank god for the delete button. Good luck in your discussion.


  5. Bobbi;

    Yes you are absolutely correct about the no-follow issue. I think it kills the spirit bogging. I agree 100% that no follow should be used on any un-moderated blog, but when someone moderates a blog I think they should determine the no follow rule. I think that by shutting the following down, the good bloggers suffer. It is a tough topic and one that will be disputed for ages.


  6. I personally do not mind using the delete button and do it quite often.
    I write because I want the conversation, with the public and peers, and if that requires deletetion so be it.


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