Active Rain Posts Go Paid

I saw a post on Active Rain today that you can now pay to be the first FEATURED post on the AR home page.  These “Sponsored Posts” will be visable for a 24 hour period from 12:00am to 11:59pm.  AR claims to receive ~2.5M visitors per month, 85% of that is organic (from SERPS).  So you’ll get lots of eyes on your post.

Sponsors can sell/advertise their products and services in most any fashion they see fit, so long as they coincide with ActiveRains Terms of Use.  Certainly large brokerage’s can leverage this as a PR or recruitment tool as well.  While you can still post on AR for free, if you want to be the first featured post  you’ll need to pay for it.

While no pricing is posted, I have a feeling it is not cheap.  Here is the AR post if tyou want to read all about it

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