The Art of Blogging

The Art of Blogging


Today blogging is becoming an art form, melding sensible conversation and technical savvy to increase your sphere of influence to your potential prospect base.

When you write a blog you are really looking into reaching a diverse base including; new prospects and the search engines.  Sometimes it can be difficult to create a post that encompasses both.

Every month in my SEO seminars I speak of the concept of knowing your audience.  Before you can even begin to blog you need to know exactly who you are writing for.  I frequently speak about the concept of community.  As an Agent this is probably your most biggest allie.

Long Tail Keyword Terms

I also always introduce a term called “Long Tail Search Terms”.  Look at it like this – Short tail search terms are things like real estate, open houses, or even New Jersey Homes.  These terms on the surface seems like the holy grail, but in reality are extremely difficult to obtain and generally do not produce a good results.  This is mostly due to the fact people searching on these terms are generally in the beginning of the the consumers research cycle.  By contrast, long tail key terms are phrases that are much more precise such as Bergenfield New Jersey Split Level Homes.  As you can see you can have literally dozens of long tail key terms per community and believe or not many people do not take the time to blog about each of them.  Sure it takes time but then again nothing worth while is life is usually easy.  These terms are generally used by consumers in the later stages of the buying cycle.

Blog Titles

The right title is very important in your blog.  As I spoke about in my first paragraph targeting the community or neighborhood works best, such as “Luxury Homes in Alpine, New Jersey”.  Most consumers will search by a community or town/state when they looking for real estate.

Repeat your title as the first line of your blog and bold it.

Luxury Homes in Alpine, New Jersey is one of the most sort after spots in the Eastern seaboard.  Alpine, New Jersey has become a mecca of multi-million dollar homes and is only a short drive to Manhattan.

Placing your key word title “first” helps the engine determine the importance of your phrase and bolding it helps your readers.  This is often referred to as keyword prominence.  In general, a keyword that appears closer to the top of the page or area will be more relevant.   The first sentence in your post is often the phrase that is in the title of your search results so it will also help the consumer to know exactly what your post is about.

Keywords in you post

You also want to make sure you repeat your keyword phrase 3-4 times throughout your post.  This is most often referred to as Keyword Frequency and  is how often a keyword appears on the page or in an area on the page. In general, the more times a keyword appears on the page, the more relevant it will be to that search.  Different search engines use different algorithms to determine frequency.  3-4 times is more or less an average that I feel works well.  You can research into for example what the optimum frequency for Google might be and tailor a post that way as well.


You also want to tag your post with related phrases that consumers might also be interested in such as Alpine New Jersey Open Houses.

The Finishing Touches

Lastly you want to include images and/or video’s in your post.  These not only add some depth to your post but video’s are fast becoming another avenue to increase your sphere of influence.  Don’t forget to add relevant alt tags and link to relevant content when you can.

Blogging in this fashion is a good way to produce some well thought out posts that appeal not only your readers but also the search engines as well.

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