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I recently had a conversation with Megan,  a new consultant at my office about the importance of Social Networking.  I had asked her to write a post on her experience and what she has learned.  Here is what she had to say.

I’ve recently learned the importance of social networking through out the Real Estate industry. While working hand-in-hand with my boss I have come to see why blogging and using Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites has grown in popularity since a year or two ago. Many people, especially Real Estate agents/offices use these social networking avenues to appeal to a younger generation – one that is utterly technologically driven.

For example: by using Facebook a real estate professional can become “fans” of a Board and/or MLS, as well as, recent and previous clients that has a profile on Facebook. From there the friends or “fans” of those individuals/Boards and MLSs can see that this specific agent has connections and popularity – therefore the knowledge to help buy/sell a property.

Blogging is also very important avenue in SEO (search engine optimization), which is also the important aspect of social networking. There you can interact with other agents or people by blogging about your ideals, opinions and/or views on this ever changing economy!

Take a look at these statistics: (

  • It is said that 84% of home buyers today have used the computer to help purchase their home!
  • Actions taken as result of using Internet site:
    • Drove by/viewed a home – 73%
    • Walked through a home viewed online- 57%
  • 89% of Real Estate offices said “Yes” our company does have a website – so why not capitalize on that! Plug in to the social networking sites and link them to your website. That way people can get from your social networking pages to your website and vice verse!
  • The top places where REALTORS® place their listings are, their broker’s website, their own site, and their local MLS site.

Again social networking is extremely important in becoming successful in the real estate industry.  So try it!  Here are some sites that you can try out. –  Social Networking Site – Blogging Platform – Micro-blogging Platform – Social Networking Site for Agents

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