7 Days to Better Your SEO | Day 7: Website Submission

I am going to end my 7 part series to a better SEO with site submission. It a simple concept, yes, but one that is often overlooked. While some companies out there offer a free submission service to hundreds of sites I prefer to at least manually submit to the major search engines myself. Also the other 100 or so they speak about comprise of less than 2%-5% of the total searches and are not worth your time. Focus on the ones that count.

Move over Netbooks…here come the CULV’s

Most technology-aware consumers have heard of "netbooks"... the ultra-light, ultra-small, and ultra-cheap laptops that have been on the market for some time now. The appeal of these devices is their incredible light weight, small dimensions, and cost. However, when it comes to computing power, they often leave a lot to be desired. Most of them operate on the low-power Intel ATOM chip. This makes these netbooks great for surfing the net, checking email and performing basic computing tasks. But most of us need to do more with our portable computing devices than browsing web pages.

7 Days to Better Your SEO | Day 6: Links

Any good SEO strategy should include link building. Link building is based upon the concept of Link Popularity which is a concept I explained in a past post. When thinking about links you should consider these types of links. I ordered them in the level of importance. Inbound Links - Someone links to YOUR website but you do NOT link back to theirs. Reciprocol Links - Both websites link to each other. Outbound Links - You link to another website but the other website does NOT link back to you. Internal Links - Links on your website that links to pages on yourown website.

7 Days to Better Your SEO | Day 5: Headings

Day 5 brings me to discuss Headings. To maximize your SEO you need to use these properly. A heading in HTML is simply a title or a subtitle. By placing content inside a H1-H6 tag, the text displays bold and larger than the body text. The lower the number the larger the text typically. Here are what the H1-H6 tags might look like. If you have a WYSIWYG editor you will usually find a drop down with the default selection as "Paragraph" which is regular body text, followed but Heading 1-6. You also may find other attributes like Preformatted or DIV. We will save those for a later dicusssion.

Video to go – Flip it into your Pocket

In case you have not heard about these products, the FLIP Video line of small, handheld, and ultra-portable high-definition video recorders are all the rage. Available in different colors, the FLIP video recorders allow you to record standard definition or high definition video (depending on model), using an ultra-portable unit.

7 Days to Better Your SEO | Day 4: Good Content

When a REALTOR needs to write content two important factors should immediately come to mind. Community and real estate advise. The former will build good local content and the latter will reinforce your role as a professional. You might have heard the phrase "Content King" when talking about writing good content. If your site is the most authoritative site for its subject matter, you will not only draw interested buyers but in all likelihood rank well in the search engines. I wrote a similar post a few months back "Writing Good Content" where I focused on structure. Today I am going to take that a bit further and talk about conceptual ideas when thinking about writing your content.