7 Days to Better Your SEO | Day 2: Anchor Text

7 Days to Better Your SEO
(Search Engine Optimization)

Day 2: Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor text (or links, link label or link titles) is the highlighted or hyper linked (clickable) words or phrases in the content of a webpage.  Used properly it can tell a search engine what the page is about and gives useful information to the readers of your content.  This hyper linked text is used to define the subject matter of the content on the web page and amplify the target or landing page URL for the keywords appearing within the anchor text.

Anchor text can appear all throughout your website and finding the perfect sentence structure to link is easy if you follow these simple instructions.

STAY AWAY from using words like “click here” or “read more” as anchor text.   Keep your reader enticed; use a format similar to this instead.

We can help you create the perfect professional website; curtailed to your specific needs as a Real Estate Expert!

——– Instead of ——–

We can help you create the perfect professional website; curtailed to your specific needs as a Real Estate Expert! Please click here.

Anchor text is so important to the relevance of a web page’s SEO whether it is to an internal or external link.   So take fifteen minutes to go through a web page you manage and correct that futile anchor text.   Believe me you’ll be happy you did!

By linking relevant keywords in your anchor text you tell the search engines the keywords are important.  The search engines bots will analyze the text of the anchor and what is clicks to.  So hyper linking to a phrase like “Fort Lee Condo” instead of  “Click Here” you are helping define your keyword target to the search engines.

When you are thinking of what to hyperlink, think of your SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).  A SERP is the listings of web pages returned by a search engine.  So what do you want your viewers to type into Google for example to yield your SERP.

When using anchor text you want to link together related SERP’s to help define your target keywords.  If I was an Agent specializing in the Fort Lee Condo market, my related internal pages might be as follows;

  1. A page on the Fort Lee Condo market
  2. Sold data in Fort Lee by month
  3. A page on lifestyle of Fort Lee
  4. Anchors to a Fort Lee Condo IDX search
  5. A page on Fort Lee schools
  6. A external link to the Fort Lee town website
  7. Maybe links to Fort Lee business, community, etc.

Now I understand in the real world your anchor text cannot always be perfect, but that is part of the fun of the whole SEO process.  If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Now as I said search engine bots like Anchor Text.  The inclusion of important keywords in the anchor text can make a big difference in the final ranking of your websites pages.

Most search engines give weight to the anchor text on your pages and by taking some time to properly use them can make a significant impact on your site SEO.

So take a look at your own website and see where you can make some changes.

Good luck.  Next up on Day 3 will be Site Maps.

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