7 Days to Better Your SEO | Day 4: Good Content

7 Days to Better Your SEO
(Search Engine Optimization)

Day 4: Good Content

I apologize for not getting this post out on Monday but I re-wrote it several times. 

When a REALTOR needs to write content two important factors should immediately come to mind.  Community and real estate advise.  The former will build good local content and the latter will reinforce your role as a professional.

You might have heard the phrase “Content King” when talking about writing good content.  If your site is the most authoritative site for its subject matter, you will not only draw interested buyers but in all likelihood rank well in the search engines.   I wrote a similar post a few months back “Writing Good Content” where I focused on structure.  Today I am going to take that a bit further and talk about conceptual ideas when thinking about writing your content.


One concept I spoke of was the importance of “Keywords”.  This is the first commandment of good SEO content.  When you consider which keyword phrases you are going to use, consider what your expertise is and what is the target market you are trying to attract.  If you specialize in Condo Buyers in Miami, FL, then you need to maintain this idea throughout your website.  Too many people try to be master of all and wind up in the search engines eyes, the master of none.  So when considering keywords think like a buyer orseller would.

Keyword Considerations

Let’s use the example of “Condo’s in Miami, FL” as our basic concept for our website.  Now in thinking of what to write we know that our main keyword phrase needs to appear in the web page.  If it is not there the search engines will never know it is important to you.  Your goal is to convince Google, for example, that you are the most authoritative site for Condo’s in Miami, FL.

Another consideration is making your keywords as specific as possible. Going after highly targeted keywords not only will bring you more qualified prospects but will also be easier to achieve favorable results with.  The big franchises invest a substantial amount of money on keyword phrases like Floria Real Estate, so competing with them is futile.  The more precise phrases like Shadow Cove Condo’s Miami FL is a very specific phrase and also contains your main keyword phrase of Condo’s in Miami, FL.

Keyword Frequency

Keyword Frequency refers to how many times your keyword appears on a page.  You can ask 10 different SEO experts on the optimal amount and you will get 10 different answers.    Some even believe that this is not even important anymore but I think for the average non SEO professional writing content it is a good rule of thumb to use this as a guideline to ensure you are focusing on your keywords.  The other issue us that Google prefers one amount while Yahoo another.  So in my opinion to offer the best chance of success without creating multiple pages for each search engine I would like to see your keyword and keyword variations repeated on your page 10-13 times.  That is also based on a 700 or so word page.

Keyword Prominence

Keyword Prominence is how early or high up on a page your keywords are found.  I absolutely like to have my keywords in my first H1 tag on my page and also have it again as far forward in my first sentence.

Word Stemming

Word stemming is a term that refers to the ability to use all variations – singular, plural, verb form as well as similar words to be returned for a given search query.  So for you the above example the word “condo” when searched by Google would also return some of these stems; condos, condominum, condominums, etc.  So by using the logic of the stems you can further enhance your own keywords.

Keyword Placement

So where do you want to place keywords?  Here is a list of places where your keyword should be going.

  • Certainly use them in your Meta <title> tag(s).
  • Use your Keywords in the Meta <description>.
  • Use them in your Meta <keyword>.  The jury is out on if this is really very important anymore but since it is a supported HTML Meta element, can’t hurt.
  • Keywords are important in your header tags; <h1> or other headline tags.
  • Use Keywords when possible in your links <a href=”http://yourrealestateoffice.com”>keywords</a&gt;.
  • Use them in the body copy for sure.
  • When possible use Keywords in alt tags.
  • Using your keywords in a URL or site address is also a good idea, e.g., http://www.keyword.com or

What Keywords do I use?

Here are some suggestions;

  • Think about your service area from a community perspective.  If you specialize in the Pascack Valley, NJ area, include pages on the town communities, lifestlye, market reports, local business, etc.
  • Keyword on competitors websites.
  • Visible page copy on competitors websites.
  • Try searching Google and see what the results return.
  • Use an online tools like: Google Keyword Tool
  • Pay attention to stemming for your keywords – Particularly to what the root word is and what Google considers to be a match for that word when optimizing pages over time.
  • You can do brainstorming to identify correct keywords for your site.

Writing the perfect content is not easy but once you understand the placement and usage of keywords and phrases you can then write solid, readable and friendly content for your readers.  Remember Content is King and if you write good quality and ORIGINAL content you surely will have some degree of success if not for a outstanding website.

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