Video to go – Flip it into your Pocket

FLIP Video – High Definition movies for under $200

In case you have not heard about these products, the FLIP Video line of small, handheld, and ultra-portable high-definition video recorders are all the rage. Available in different colors, the FLIP video recorders allow you to record standard definition or high definition video (depending on model), using an ultra-portable unit.

It is very easy to use, has up to a 2 inch LCD viewfinder, simple to use “Press to record” button, and recording times up to 2 hours.  Once you have recorded your video, simply plug the FLIP into your computer, and the included software will walk you through uploading your video directly to YouTube in a few easy clicks.

This is perfect for REALTORS who wish to do video walk throughs of their listings, and post them to YouTube for free. The software also allows you to add music and text titles to your videos.  REALTORS can easily create their own YouTube channel to contain walkthrough videos of all of their listings. For more information on the FLIP line of video recorders, visit their web site here:

Several magazines and blogs such as USA Today, and Time have written articles about them.  The easy of use and pure affordability make these little video camera’s will make it a sure hit for any Agent wanting to record a tour.  Plus the size easily fits into your purse or pocket.


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