Some Common Mistakes Writing Good Content

Some Common Mistakes Writing Good Content

It seems I have written so many articles on what you should be doing when writing content for your website, I thought this time I would write about some things you should not be doing. Content writing for a website differs from print style writing because in print you do not have to worry about SEO considerations.  Over the years I have seen many Agent websites.  One common problem is that the busy REALTOR forgets how important writing effective content can be.  Let’s face it the Internet is here to stay and their is money to be made by the smart Agent that can leverage the technology.

To make things organized and easy to follow I am going to disect the page from top to bottom.

Title (H1) Tag

When writing content remember your focus should be on your keywords. But we also have to contend with actual people reading your web page as well. So tip #1 is do not make your Title boring or too technical. While keeping your keywords in play make your title interesting and think about what people may be searching for. Luxury Bergen County Real Estate is both descriptive and encompasses my keywords if they were luxury real estate in Bergen County.

Body Content

Your main body content should be interesting and inf0rmative.  So tip #2 is keep is lively and do not make a long run on paragraph.  Break your content up into logical paragraph blocks.  I say time and time again “Content is King”.  Keep that in mind.  While we always want our pages SEO optimized, if that are boring you will not keep your visitors on the site long enough to gain a prospect.

Paragraph Headings (H2-H5)

Just as you were taught in school paragraph headings play a vital roles in both SEO and a well written page.  Using the H2-H5 tags break your article into easily readable pieces.  So tip #3 is make sure you do not write long boring body content with no heading tags.

Bulleted Lists

Another great way to organize your content is to make a bulleted or numbered list.  These should be preferably be your keywords.  You can then link these lists to section on your current page or to another page on your website.  So tip #4, use bullets lists when you need to organize a series of related information, don’t just write a long run on sentence.


The use of bolding is a another great way to provide emphasis to your keywords.  When you bold the search engines see these bolded words as important words and so to people naturally.  So tip #5 is to make sure you do not over use bolding or bold non-relevant words.

Anchor Text

The use of anchor text (links) is another great tactic to good content writing.  They provide significance to your content and the the bot scanning your content.  Anchoring keywords is a must.  When you relate your pages together via keyword anchored text you are giving the bots a good idea of what is important on your website.  So tip #6 is to avoid using anchor text on non-relevant keywords and do not anchor too many non keywords.


Tip #7 is do not plagiarize.  Copying content may seem like a easy and efficient way to get lots of content on your website but the search engines employ sophisticated technology to look for this and when they find it they will drop your relevance or even drop the page.

BIG problem is that the busy REALTOR likes to copy content.  It might be enticing to copy that community information but you are only hurting yourself in terms of SEO value.  Google and the engines a like spend millions looking for plagerized content.  Build quality original content.  Take your own buying and selling experience and bring that onto your website.

Tip #8 is something I hope everyone realizes.  Don’t try to keyword stuff, use white text to keyword spam, cloaking or any other means to fool the search engines.  They spend millions and millions of dollars to track this and the consequence if you are caught is being banned.  It is not worth the risk.

Use good judgement and write quality content and you’ll be rewarded.

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