7 Lessons learned from site redesign.

7 Lessons learned from site redesign.

Joshua Ferris wrote an interesting article about his experience with his latest site redesign. It details some great guidelines to making a simple intuitive home page design that it tailored to keeping visitors on your site and interested in your business.

Too often, I feel, clients want to overload their visitor with as much information as possible, and lets face it, with only a few short seconds to appeal to each unique visitor to your website, it seems like the most natural course of action to give them as much as you can to try and appeal toward them. Unfortunately, that action couldn’t be further from the reality. Joshua notes:

Keep the homepage clutter free. – This is huge. Cluttering up your homepage with added graphics, widgets and statistics that aren’t relevant to your overall goal (getting a buyer to register or contact you and make a sale) shouldn’t be on your homepage. Visitors are easily distracted and you don’t want them playing with your traffic stats widget or, far worse, not being able to find your real estate search among all the visual mayhem.

Buyers are searching the internet for places to buy real estate, not to know what the weather is like in your area. If you have an extensive inventory of listings on your website (like IDX for example), let potential buyers know by spotlighting it right in the top fold of the website.

In addition to some general tips on site design, Joshua even notes things relating to real estate bloggers who are using blogs such as WordPress.


2 thoughts on “7 Lessons learned from site redesign.

  1. Hi Joe,

    I think you hit it square on the nose when you mentioned widgets like weather and other irrelevant stuff. What I found with my previous design was that it was the accumulation of widgets and other page stallers over time (1 year in my case) that led to visual overload.

    It might be wise for agents who maintain their own websites to do a yearly evaluation and cleansing of their site to see what kind of load time cuts they can make. I guarantee you they’ll find at least one or two “Why do I have that on my site?” page stallers that seemed like a good idea at the time! 🙂


  2. Joe:

    Good post, good advise.

    I design my own non-Wordpress Real Estate site and basically the entire function is to funnel visitors to my IDX search interface and get them to register.

    Back when I firs designed it, I had other aspirations or ideas, and the legacy of those are still present (weather, taxes, etc., across the top).

    Someday I hope to get it right, but it’s always evolving.

    Check it out if you’re bored and let me know your thoughts.


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