Happy Birthday Firefox

Happy 5th Birthday Firefox!

Did you know today is Firefox’s 5th birthday?  Yes it has been 5 years since Firefox was released into Cyberspace.  In that time Firefox has steadily increased its marketshare.

Here are some facts;

WordPress says this is the first time that Firefox is more popular than IE.

  1. Firefox — 45.7%
  2. Internet Explorer — 38.7%
  3. Safari — 8.75%
  4. Chrome — 5.2%

According to W3Schools, the global use of browsers also sees Firefox out in front.

  1. Firefox — 47.5%
  2. Internet Explorer — 37.5%
  3. Chrome — 8.0%
  4. Safari — 3.8%

Mozilla has a nice page that has some fun facts and things you can do to show your Firefox affinity.

Want to wish Firefox a Happy Birthday?  Well go ahead and do it here.

(The WordPress statistics were tabulated from server access logs and include WordPress.com users as well as visitors, as we no longer run Google Analytics across WordPress.com.  The W3schools statistics were tabulated from W3schools.com here.)

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