Hey You Facebook Fans

I know I have spoken about Social Networking in several of my posts. But I think I did not follow my own advice and I think I broke my own number 1 rule.  Promote, promote, promote.  To that end, did you know that RE/Advantage is also on Facebook.  Come on over and check us out.  We have been working hard to promote not only our tips and Internet Marketing information but we also spotlight client success stories now.  If you have a good story to tell on how you leveraged the Internet let us know and maybe we’ll Spotlight you.  We also tied our blog and Facebook pages together so the information is shared between the two.  This no only allows our blog articles to automatically post to our Facebook page but it also then in turn will Tweet the information. This ensures we get consistent information out to all our fans and followers.    Take a look at our first Spotlight on Ila Kasofsky.

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