Use Your Social Media/Networking to Entice New Clients

(Blog what they want to hear about!)

From recent newspaper articles and television broadcasts, many who have been following the “$8000 tax credit” know that President Obama has signed off on the bill approving an extension of the $8,000 New Home Buyer Tax Credit until April 30th 2010. You can read more from this article I found:

Since this is big news in the Real Estate community why not capitalize on this subject and write a quick blog post or Tweet about it to all your followers? Bring your clients to you! Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL – all the big search engines are being used daily to search for more information on this tax credit by potential buyers and sellers so why not use that to your advantage. This way you can narrow down the traffic to your website or blog to those truly interested in getting more information from you, generating a lead.

**If you have been following the Re/Advantage Blog you should also know that since this topic is getting so many hits, by using the keywords “$8,000 New Home Buyer Tax Credit” in your SEO or blogs you can certainly generate some additional website traffic.

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