10 Tips To A Better Real Estate Blog

Blogging and Social Networking is fast becoming a medium for distributing your voice to a large audience.  Real Estate Agents can be successful but you need to make sure you do it right.  Here are some quick tips on things to consider when your create posts.

Tip #10:  Get The Right Audience

If you have 10,000 Facebook followers and none of them are interested in Real Estate in your market, then you just have 10,000 connections on Facebook.  Try to gather a following of people interested in your product.  If you do no relocation work and have 40% of your audience overseas then do you really have 10,000 worth while followers?

Tip #9:  ROI

Yes we always should be thinking of the return on our investments.  Is what I am writing going to get interest?  Am I putting call to actions in some of my posts?

Tip #8:  Eggs in your basket

I think long-term success of any Social Media campaign is being involved in a few area’s.  For example your Blog may feed your Facebook page.  Your Facebook page may auto post to your Twitter account.  Now I am not a big fan of all of this auto posting but it certainly makes things easier.  But always remember to put some personal posts in there too.  I like to auto-post my blogs but I take the time to post to Twitter and also make comments on my Facebook page as well.  Not all posts are bloggable.

Tip #7:  Good Writing

If you post just to post, your posts become boring and old.  You need to be fresh.  Concepts on community, tips, lifestyle, housing trends, schools are all good Real Estate topics.

Tip #6:  Follow The Niche

Another favorite topic of mine is long-tailed keywords.  When you write a blog or post to a social media site, the more focused your content is the more likely they are to become viral.  Why?  People follow other people with the same or similar interests. Post what people like to read and they are more likely to re-post it elsewhere.  I speak frequently about an Agent blogging about the community.  Taking that a step further and applying a long tail keyword you might take a post like Real Estate in Edgewater, NJ to The Admiral, Edgewater, Bergen County, NJ. While you will get less hits on this, the ones who search phrase are highly targeted and most likely very interested.

Tip #5:  Think Keywords

If the goal of your blog for example  is to increase your visibility, which I hope it is, then include keywords in your title, headlines and lists to draw attention to your post and to also gain some SEO value.  Each post should have a title that will attract attention but still be relevant and keep it under 15 words max.

Tip #4:  Be Original

While you can take inspiration from a variety of sources, ultimately your success is being original.  Get inspired and then write your own works.  You can inspire yourself for months alone just on the community concept.  Lifestyle, schools, trends, solds, tips, events, news, all have a huge potential to blog about.

Tip #3:  Post Often

You need to post and post often, daily if you can but certainly a few times per week.

Tip #2:  Be unique, Stick Out

If you want to get someone to read your posts then you need to give them a reason.  Titles and scannable content is a must.

Tip #1:  And My Number One Tip is…. Content, Content, Content

If you have read any of my previous posts you will know this is what I preach and preach often. Content is the driving force of your blog.  Write good, unique and inspiring content.  Write about things your target audience wants to read, otherwise you are not going to be very successful in getting potential buyers or sellers to read your posts.

Using these tips I hope will assist you in writing good quality posts.  Remember blogging takes time and the more you blog the better your sphere of influence becomes.

So who is  RE/Advantage

Based in Fairfield, New Jersey, RE/Advantage is a leading provider provider of real estate technology tools. RE/Advantage serves Brokerages, Agents, Boards, and MLS’s with web design, back-end management, member services and consulting. RE/Advantage provides easy to manage and fully customizable web sites and IDX solutions that helps real estate professionals with their online presence. RE/Advantage also provides Boards and MLS’s with public website services and member management tools. For more information please, please visit RE/Advantage.com or call us at (877) 791-4825.

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