Taking Your Blog from Boring to IRRESISTIBLE in a Few Easy Steps

As active bloggers most of you may know that just simply presented posts, Times New Roman – font size 12, may draw in a few readers but is it really the audience you are striving to reach? Why not give your blog posts a little “face lift”.

Bold your Keywords – this not only helps with the SEO value of your blog but also may keep those impatient readers from leaving your blog within the first minute of opening your site. Recently I read an article that stated, “Online readers will spend around 96 second reading online content before moving on”. By using bolded keywords you can grab the attention of your readers before they decide to move along.

Tagging – by tagging other websites or articles that are applicable to the content of your blog, you not only help with the SEO value of your blog but  also offer your readers more resources than just the content of your post. If you are writing about a community you have listing in why not link that community’s recreation and town sports page. Become a reliable source of information for your readers with compressive content and additional “extras” that will keep your readers coming back for more!

*Read more about tagging and SEO on a previous article from Re/Advantage.

Don’t be Afraid to Use Images or Videos – you can easily increase your sphere or influence by simply adding images or videos to your blog posts. As a Real Estate professional you can use YouTube.com to embed a video into your blog or find cheap/free images that can be cut and paste right next to your content. For example if you write a quick post on an open house you have listed – why not create a virtual tour on YouTube.com? You can use a video camera or make a slideshow of pictures you’ve taken from that home and make a video that would be PERFECT for your blog post. That why you will entice your readers to stay at your blog, spark their interest with a video or presentation of pictures for that open house and boost the SEO of your blog site – three birds with one stone!

Here are some great sites to get cheap/free images:

www.istockphoto.com (paid)

www.fotolia.com (paid)

http://imageafter.com (free)

http://everystockphoto.com (free)

http://freepixels.com (free)

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