Post your listings on your Facebook page

Now you can post the listings that your MLS sends to on your Facebook profile.  If you are a Real Estate Agent and a member of NAR you can now easily put your listings on your Facebook profile.

With the Widget you can place your listings on your Facebook profile page.

NAR has created a listing widget to place your listings on your Facebook profile.  The process is very simple.

1:  Go to

2:  Click on “Add My Listings”.

3: If you are not logged into Facebook, you will be asked to login.

4: You will not get the “Allow Access” screen.

5: Click “Allow” to allow to install the widget to your Facebook profile.

6: Enter your MLS provider and MLS Agent ID#.

7: Click the “Continue” button.

8: If you entered the correct information you will see;

X homes for sale by YOUR NAME

MLS Name
Your ID

9:  Click on “Add to Profile” and your listings will be added to your profile.

10: That’s it, you are done!

In under 10 minutes you can easily display your listings to your Facebook profile. The best part of it is that your listings are automatically updated.  If someone clicks on a listings they are taken to the listing detail page on

For those Agents who are looking for a more branded solution and one that does not click out to, thus exposing your buyer to other agents, RE/Advantage is working on a widget to allow any Agent Central Max client to have a custom branded widget on their Facebook page which clicks out to your own website.  If you would like more information please contact us and we will keep you posted.

Good luck if you give this a try and let me know how you did.  Send me your Facebook page and maybe I will share your page on my follow-up post.

2 thoughts on “Post your listings on your Facebook page

  1. Thank you for these clear & concise instructions for agents. Is there a way of getting all brokerage listings on a brokerage FB fan page?

    Nina Eads
    Homefinders Realty, Inc.


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