Internet Security 101

Many people think that they know their way around the Internet. They do everything from paying their bills online to even making calls online. Many also store online documents such as financial statements  to photos online and really seem to be organized more than ever with  a wide variety of online applications to streamline our lives.  Yet while people may be cyber savvy and on the cutting edge of Internet technology they may not be what we call cyber secure.

Individuals who do not take precautions are endangering not just their own security but possibly others such as family or friends. A cyber criminal can leave his or her entire network at risk by using an easily guessed password like what is used fro their email.  The innocent person becomes and enabler of cyber crime by not being cautious.

Here are some tips to become cyber savvy and more secure:

1. Create lengthy and complex passwords and change them often.

2. Make it a general practice to back up all important documents, images or anything of value on a regular basis.

3.  Do not use public networks to conduct your private business.

4.  Always fine tune your privacy or safety settings on social networks.

5. Always protect your personal information by knowing who is going to see it and always understand the value of the information you are going to share with another party.

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