Matt Cutts talks about search

For those of you who do not know who Matt Cutts is, he is the head of Google’s Webspam team and a spokesperson for Google when it comes to search.

Matt recently discussed some of his own predictions for search in a recent upload to Google’s Webmaster Central YouTube channel.

The first thing Matt spoke of is that Google is always looking for new ways to find and search data. He spoke about some current examples such as gmail, book searching, patent searches, and calendaring. Matt said he suspects Google will continue to find new ways and things to search. He mentioned when searching for A-B-C, most people think Google will just return A-B-C, but in realty Google does much more in terms of synonyms, morphology, and all sorts of ways Google can find out how everything is related.

Matt said Google will continue to tackle hard problems trying to extract good data from the Internet. He mentioned Google Squared (an experimental project) as an example of doing so. As Google puts it, Google Squared takes a category and creates a starter ‘square’ of information, automatically fetching and organizing facts from across the web.

Another thing Matt mentions is that people will become more comfortable storing data in a data cloud. He cites Gmail as the perfect example. People used to store email on their local hard drives, now with Gmail, people are storing all this, at times sensitive, information on the Cloud.

Matt made a candid comment that mobile will be a big part of this trend also. After all their might be a billion desktop/laptop computers but like three or four billion mobile phones and similar devices and as Matt put it, these devices are really like tiny computers so searching from a mobile phone without using a browser and maybe SMS can be another big way people around the world can search and get useful information.

Search is nowhere near done and as Google tackles harder problems, people will come up with more ways to improve on the whole system.

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