So is Twitter here to stay for the REALTOR?

I have read so many articles on Twitter, some positive some not so.  However you cannot dispute Twitter and micro-blogging have been running strong for quite a while.  When you see NBC announce they are on Twitter and then put that on a prime time commercial you know people are noticing.

The landscape of Social Media is constantly changing with new ideas, applications and features.  I just read about a new Social Media site that is called SocialMadeSimple and is an online social networking hub specifically-designed for real estate and mortgage professionals.  This application claims to simplify social networking by combining social networking platforms into one easy-to-use system.  This was announced from Inman as they are participating in their Startup Alley at the upcoming REConnect in NYC in January.

At the REALTOR Triple Play in Atlantic City this year we combined traditional marketing (booth and paper) with a full blown Social Media campaign.  We combined Tweeting, FaceBook, Blogging, Live Streaming Video, You Tube Videos, and Flickr together into one Social Platform.  Each application supported the other.  The short side was the campaign began to become viral by the second day with our online viewers tripling each day and even our Twitter followers grew and as I write this post we are still seeing growth.

So here are some reasons why Twitter is becoming important to REALTORS.

1. Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists is  a feature that allows you to organize the people you’re following on Twitter. Think of a Twitter List as a Group.  Lists offer you a way to group together other users on Twitter into groups so that you can get an overview of what they’re all up to.   Lists are not just a static followers but rather a stream of the latest tweets from list itself.

Lists are broken into 2 sections.

  1. Lists you Follow – This is the lists you elected to follow.  This can be lists you create or other people create.
  2. Lists Following You – These are lists people have created and added have added you to the group.  As more people add you to a list you get an idea that your Tweets are sending messages that people want to read.

So what can a list do for me?

One of the intended purposes of Twitter Lists is to allow people to recommend other users to follow.  When you setup a public list you are allowing other people to follow the list if they are also interested in the same things you are.

When you follow a Twitter List you now have all the Tweets from the entire list even if you are not following all of them.  So in essence you now have access to people you are not following.  This is interesting as you can follow lists of things that interest you and in turn follow the Tweets of anybody on Twitter on that list.

So if you can get on a list or create a list within your market area or perhaps something home buyers/sellers want to follow you can expose your self to a vast audience.

2. Twitter’s Open Platform

Twitter’s open API means that lots of others applications can talk to Twitter.  So for instance you can have Facebook talk to Twitter as well as other Social Networks.  So you can get the word out much more efficiently.

3. Traffic That Cares

Since Twitter is built around relationships, people that follow you are generally interested in the same things you are.  Our company Twitter page ( caters to REALTORS and consequently most of our follows are in the Real Estate business.

4. Twitter in the Search

Tweets are now showing up in the search engines.  Bing recently announced a Twitter search on there portal ( Google also has Social Search.  It is still in the Google Labs but this search helps you find more relevant public content from your broader social circle.

5. Going Local

Twitter is a useful tool that can help you build a local audience too.  By Tweeting on local content you can draw attention to people with similar interests.  By exploiting this on blogs, Facebook, ActiveRain, you are letting the world know you are the local expert and when you make daily contributions of relevant posts you will gain some loyal followers.  Relevant posts are not the posts that may say;  “What a nice day today”, or “Going to McDonald’s for lunch”.

The smart agent I think is going embrace the Social movement in some form or another.  Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, ActiveRain, Blogging, LinkedIn or a combination of some or all of them.  Regardless Social Networking is here to stay…don’t miss the train, it is leaving the station already and you’ll need to run a bit to catch up!

4 thoughts on “So is Twitter here to stay for the REALTOR?

  1. Thanks for sharing your thought on Twitter. I’ve started using it again after 3 months away. I’ve tarted using Tweetdeck, which helps keep tracxk of things a little better. Some of the people I follow tweet 20 times per day. How often do you tweet/what do you recommend?


    1. Rich;

      If you are going to use Twitter to build business how often is less important than what you Tweet. For example 20 Tweets about your trip to McDonalds and that you are going to the bank is far less valuable than 2 Tweets with some great hyper local content. To build business you need to talk about things your prospects want to hear.


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