Make a New Year Resolution You Intend to Keep! – Happy New Year and Happy Blogging!

Instead of trying to convince yourself that THIS is the year you’ll get to the gym for sure why not use your New Years resolution to be a more proficient blogger! I’ve compiled a small list of tips that will help your take your blogging to the next level and beyond in 2010.

Make sure you always include your title within the first line of your blog post. You can bold and italicize it if you’d like as well. By embossing your title in the beginning of you post search engines will now “recognize” the main point of your blog and match that to the search criteria readers are looking for; creating optimization for your blog page.

It is always important and helpful when you supply your readers with further resources on the topic of your post. Whether you include outbound links throughout your blog or have the reader contact you for more information on your Real Estate services. The more assistance you offer, the better the chance of getting leads and establishing relationships by using your blog as a “staring point” of contact.

By creating outbound links in your posts your clients will not be the only ones that benefit from that information. Search engines will pick up that you post is interactive and has “connections” between other sites which boost your blogs SEO value (search engine optimization). You can also link keywords through our posts with your Real Estate website! If you are discussing the price break in mortgage payments if a home is deemed “green”, then set up a sentence like:

The Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) is a federally-recognized program that finances energy saving improvements as part of the initial mortgage or in stretching the debt-to-income qualifying ratio on loans.

Keywords, keywords, keywords! I can’t even begin to tell you how many articles I’ve read on blogging that say keywords are one of the most important features of a blog; and then how many blogs I’ve read that do not include “proper” keywords! From a statistics point of view keyword should appear in approximately 4% of your post. (Tip – if you do not want to sound so repetitive include the keywords in titles or small comments under pictures). If you are still confused on what keywords to use throughout your post, plug the main idea of your post into Google and scan through other articles that pertain to your blog.

♦ Tip – Create readable content! Do not make paragraphs too long and separate them with pictures or videos.

♦ Tip – You can keep track of your most popular posts by using something like Google Analytics.  That way you can see what posts are tracked by your readers and focus on the topics they are interested in!

♦ Tip – Having trouble choosing a title, smart bloggers tend to write the body of their blog first and then choose keywords from the post to create a title. Try it out and see what clever titles you come up with!

♦ Tip – When writing blogs, the writer HAS to keep up with their posts. You really need to discipline yourself because constantly updating your blog will bring in more readers, therefore increasing your chance to capture leads. Bloggers write about any topic imaginable but the ones that fail are the blogs that have very few posts that are written too far in between.

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