Defining the Agent’s Website; Part 1

Today’s Agent is more than just a Professional REALTOR, they are need to become a savvy marketer.   The Internet is redefining the way data flows to the consumer and the smart Agent knows the Internet is the key to leveraging new business opportunities.

The next few posts I will talk about constructing a good website, things to avoid, SEO considerations, Blogging, and Social Networking.

Before doing any marketing whether it is a website, brochures or bulk mail, one needs to define your target market.  For an Agent to simply say; “Real Estate in New Jersey” would be a poor way to define your marketing goal.  Something like “Real Estate in Bergen County”, NJ or “The Gold Coast, New Jersey Real Estate” are better choices.

This goes hand in hand with a term you might see call long-tailed key terms.  The thought here is Short tail search terms are phrases such as; real estate, open houses, or New Jersey Homes.  The phrases are very broad in nature.  These terms on the surface seems like the holy grail, but in reality are extremely difficult to obtain good SEO results with and generally do not produce a good return.  This is mostly due to the fact people searching on these terms are generally in the beginning of the buying research cycle.  By contrast, long tail key terms are phrases that are much more precise such as; “Bergenfield New Jersey Split Level Homes”.  As you can see you can have literally dozens of long tail key terms per community and believe or not many people do not take the time to add content to their website or blog about each of them.  Sure it takes time but then again nothing worth while in life is usually easy.  These terms are generally used by consumers in the later stages of the buying cycle.

So by defining your market you can then construct a website built around your marketing goals and thus also around your long-tailed key terms.  Doing this you not only will be delivering concise content to an interested audience but also building authoritative content for the search engines because it is focused on a subject and not diluted with a huge amount of broad information.  Hyper local content is a popular way to focus your efforts.  Long tail keywords is something every savvy REALTOR should consider.  Long tailed keywords are simply very specific keywords.  You will get less traffic to these pages but the traffic you get tends to be highly interested.  So “Real Estate in New Jersey” is a very broad set of keywords while something like “The Admiral Edgewater New Jersey” is a long tailed keyword for a Condo complex.   People typing these keywords are most likely very interested already in the property.

As with everything in life, getting results takes time and energy.  They energy comes in the form of you sitting down and developing this content or paying someone to.  But if you put the effort in, you will see results in the future.

In my next post I will write about “What makes a good website”.

I also want to mention something a little different.  I am taking requests from my readers on what the next set of posts will contain.  So if you want to see some emphasis on Twitter for example please let me know by leaving a comment.


RE/Advantage builds and maintains Internet solutions for the Real Estate Industry.  Our flagship products; Agent Central Max, Board Central, and IDX 3.0 all deliver powerful tools to the Real Estate Professional.

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