Real Estate Agents-Gearing Up For Success In 2010

Every year we bookmark January 1st as the date to set new goals on both a personal level as well as our business goals. Many of us will use this date as a means for getting into physical shape by joining a gym, eating healthy, setting financial goals and business goals.

That being said, if you want to better yourself and carry out your goals, you should find what your strengths and weaknesses were in 2009. Take a pen and a piece of paper and jot down your successes in 2009 and where you think you failed in 2009. Think of all that you were hoping to achieve and if you didn’t and how you fell short of that goal.

In our personal lives and success in our business such as succeeding as a real estate agent or broker you need to find a direction and focus what you want to achieve in 2010. Push harder to meet your goals that you previously set in 2009. Remember, when you set a goal it should not be easy but it should also be something that you can achieve  with effort. Too many REALTORS set goals that are not realistic and become  lose motivation because the goals were way out of reach. I have many friends in the real estate industry that tell me they don’t set goals because they felt upset when they did achieve them and more-or- less gave up. Although, I am not a real estate agent, I have been guilty of doing the same in the past. When I asked them what their goals were, the common problem that I found was that they all set their goals with unreachable numbers as I did. I fixed that by setting my sites on goals that were more attainable. I found success and became more motivated as I was able to achieve more realistic targets.  Here are some basic goal tips that I have found that worked the best for me and perhaps you will be able to apply them to driving success in you real estate career as well as your personal life:

1. Identify your goals

Force yourself to take a few hours on a quiet day and think about your past and try to clarify what you want to attain in the future. By just stating you want to be rich is not what I am implying here. Prioritize where you want to be in the future.

2. Create categories for each goal

Personal goals, spiritual goals and business related goals for your real estate profession. A good idea would be to not be solely focused on one of the three goals mentioned above as there is much more to life than just hitting a number. You should also list the benefits for each goal.

3.  Analyze

After you have compiled your goals for 2010, you will need to create daily, weekly and monthly steps to achieve each goal. It is also a good idea to list any obstacles that you may face in achieving these goals. I also find it helpful to list and tools or skills that you may need to get to complete your goals as well as people or groups that you can associate with. Transfer these goals and steps to your computer and print out multiple copies to carry with you each day. Every morning or evening it’s a good idea to review these goals so that you stay focused. By actively thinking about your goals on a daily basis it will make it easier to stay on top of them.

4. Create a plan of action

When you create the daily, weekly and monthly steps to achieve each goal. Each step should have a completion date. After completing each step check it off your list as complete. This will motivate you as you will see progress in your steps to achieve. Remember, achieving goals does not without executing steps to get there. It is important to clarify and complete each step.

As a Real Estate professional, a good example of steps to achieve success through prospecting would be:

– Creating a prospecting list with a set number of people to call each day

–  Creating a blog page to interact with the public by offering valuable insight and create feedback. Try to set a goal as to how many blog posts per week that you will create.

– Adding yourself to real estate related forums and groups through various social networking applications. Try to set a specific time each morning or evening to  take part. To avoid burning yourself out, it is a good idea to set at least 30 minutes per day to this.

– You can even set a goal of doing a number of tweets on

– Spend some time enhancing your web site by reviewing your competitors to gain knowledge and insight about what works for them.

– Setting a goal of obtaining a number of referrals per week and new contacts.

This was just an example of some basic steps to achieving your goals that some friends mine do and they seem to be generating business and have already started 2010 in the right direction.  Whether you are a new agent or a long-term agent you will succeed if you constantly set goals and follow the steps to meet them.

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