Create a nice birthday albumn on Facebook

While there are many cool applications and calendering modules built for Facebook, I was extremely impressed with one that I really liked. The other day, I received a message on Facebook from Tina Griffin, the Executive Director at the NJMLS regarding this calendar.
This calendar is great for REALTORS as you will be able to add your friends and clients to it. I added this calendar to my profile and received many emails and comments from my friends and business colleagues stating that they loved this application.
How does it work?

1) A new Facebook photo album will be created for you with 13 photos (one per month + cover).
2) Your friends will be tagged automatically in the page showing their birthday and profile photo.

3) You will also be able to view, share and even order your calendar as a Photo-Book.

To get started or to learn more visit the following url:

You will see the wonderful comments coming from your friends and business associates as they are pleased that you remember them on their birthday.  It will also make you look more tech-savvy.

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