BING Announces partnership – 2010 is the year for local search

Microsoft’s popular new search engine, Bing, announced recently that they will team up with Localeze to power some of Microsoft’s local business listings. Localeze is a business listing service, where you can register your verified business for inclusion in their directory.

Localeze stores a variety of information about listed business, that can appear on Bing’s local business search results. It costs nothing for a business to register themselves with Localeze, and as Bing begins to integrate the Localeze database into it’s search results, businesses can get increased search engine exposure.

What’s so hot about “local” searching lately?

The search engine world is changing. There is a bog push this year for local search results. People using search engines want their results to favor results that are geographically significant to them. And the best way for global search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to get this local business information is to team up with companies like Localeze, who specialize in the collection AND verification of local businesses. In addition to Bing, Localeze has already partnered with with other search heavy-hitters such as Google Maps®, Yahoo Local® and®

So is this good for the Real Estate Agent?

In one word, “YES”.  The Real Estate process is certainly a local transaction.  Hyper local content has favored the Real Estate Agent.  So anything that focuses around your community is good.  This is just another way to bring local search to you.  When a buyer or seller searches the Internet they typically look for an Agent or a home around a hyper local search i.e.; “Real Estate Agent Irvine CA” or “Homes in Dallas Texas”.  Real Estate fits perfectly in this situation and as the search goes more local the real estate agent will hopefully gain a bit more foot hold over the larger competitors or even the portals like

No guarantees

Now, it all sounds too easy, right? List yourself in Localeze for free and get better search engine placement. Well, not really. Your Localeze registration can help improve your exposure in localized searches, but certainly does not guarantee anything. But, since it’s free, it’s a no-brainer.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to register your business today!

RE/Advantage builds and maintains Internet solutions for the Real Estate Industry.  Our flagship products; Agent Central Max, Board Central, and IDX 3.0 all deliver powerful tools to the Real Estate Professional.

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