Writing Better Blog Posts

Good writing is the key to any blog post or web page.  When you decide to write something keep it interesting, compelling, exciting and unique.

Here are a few ways you can enhance what you write:

1. Size Matters

Most people tend to read the first few sentences and then begin to scan your post.  So try to grab your reader in the first paragraph or two.  Also try to keep your posts short.  Writing a 3,000 word post might be a lot for a reader to digest.

2. Shorten Those Sentences

Short sentences tend to be easy to read.  Bulleted lists are another way to keep the attention of your reader.  I know sometimes you need those longer sentences but use them sparingly.

3. Repeating Is So Good

Repetition is a good thing.  It reminds the reader of your main theme and helps to set the tone throughout the article, just do not over use it.

4. Get To The Point

Don’t fluff your post to try to make the page seem full just because you think your article needs to meet some magic word count. Write concise and your audience will thank you for it and come back for more.

5. Writing Style

When I am writing a blog post, I like to write informally.  Now don’t think informal means un-professional.  Being informal helps you become more personal to your reader.

When I am writing a web page I tend to write more structured and formal.  Unlike blog post, web pages are a formal platform where you should be more structured.

6. Don’t Give It All Away

Unless you are writing a post that is detailed, your posts should poke and prod your audience.  The purpose is to have them interact with you by creating feedback, so don’t give it all away, leave room for discussion.

7. It Is All About The Benefits

Unless you are telling a story, your post should be all about the benefits.  Why is this good?  How will it help me?  By writing about the benefits of your subject you will keep your reader coming back for more.

While this is not the holy grail of copy writing, it certainly highlights some good practices.  Do you have any others you can add?

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