Keyword Strategy

Keywords are the fundamental backbone of your SEO strategy.  Choosing the correct keywords become vital to your overall SEO success. Long tail keywords driving hyper-local content are the REALTORS best friend.  Leveraging this can be a key to your successful SEO campaign.  Knowing your market is also important to your success.  Perhaps the most overlooked and underused concept is keyword research.  Keyword research is vital to your success but I see very few of my Real Estate clients using it.  When you research keywords you are also breaking down your market segment.  By understanding your market you can then begin to know which keywords to choose.

Using a ‘keyword analyzer’ for this task is critical.  A keyword analyzer is just as the name applies.  It is a tool that assists you in finding the right keywords to build your SEO around.  Google offers a few free ones that you can use to research which phrases are popular as well as diving into which long tail phrases might be good to use. The first keyword analyzer analyzes phrases and search volume.  The second one analyzes phrases based on specific websites.   Keyword analyzers also offer feedback into search volume, page counts, and competition among other things.

Another research technique is to see who is ranking on the keywords you would like to use.  So run some searches to see who is in the top 5 spots.

Your best course of action is to choose keywords that will generate a reasonable amount of traffic but do not have a lot of competition.  That is why long tail keywords are a popular choice as they offer both of these attributes.

Once you have some keyword phrases assembled you now want to begin to build pages around these.  Another idea is to blog about them.

A quick note about Title Tags.  Putting your keyword phrase in the Title Tag is another good idea and should always be used.

If you are an Agent a good title tag might be;

Anamda Reens – Nevada Real Estate

of if you want to be more specific

Anamda Reens – Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate

or get hyper local

John Townsen – Whispering Hills – Deer Park Maryland Homes

Some people argue on where to place the keyword text.  Some say in the beginning, i.e.

Nevada Real Estate – Anamda Reens

I am not convinced either is better and sometimes it comes down to how it looks to the reader as well.

Whatever you choose to do, a bit of preparation is always a good idea.  If you do not have the time, hire a professional to do the work.   But either way preparing is the keyword here.

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