Some Basic Dos and Donts When Building your Web Presence

Many real estate agents always ask me for some basic Dos and Don’t s when they want to initially build their real estate web presence. I have compiled some of my basics and am sharing them with you. Remember, in today’s competitive real estate market, its important to stand out.

Again, these are some basic helpful tips:

  • Do make your agent website home page simple with links to your important informational pages prominently marked and positioned so they appear on the very first screen.
  • Do Integrate IDX to your web site, as you will showcase thousands of listings branding your site as a source for all real estate in your area.
  • Do use pictures to create warmth and emotion, but don’t overdo it and be sure that the pictures are formatted so they do not take a long time to download.  They should not be more than 10 to 15K at the most. Don’t use too many of them on any one page.
  • Do make sure that you and your web site developer understand the trouble you can get into if neither of you is aware of the basic necessity to protect yourself with all the disclosures required by your broker, your professional organizations (such as your state and local associations of REALTORS®).
  • Do develop an individual look for your site that is consistent throughout.  Have a simple consistent navigation scheme. Contrary to belief most prospects are not highly sophisticated on the Internet
  • Do learn more about blogging as it will provide another way of communicating with potential buyers and sellers
  • Do establish your very own Facebook profile and invite your friends and groups to see your Web site.
  • Don’t ‘borrow’ material from other sites even if they are public domain because it will be obvious that you have done so and, trust us, you don’t want to mess with copyright law.
  • Don’t use very small text.  If text is formatted smaller than 10 point (this is 10 point) it may appear miniscule
  • Don’t make the first page your ‘resume’ page.  Make the resume a secondary page that your prospect can choose to examine or ignore. Remember that the object of your site is to sell a prospect the idea of contacting you for more information –not to impress the world with your accomplishments.
  • Don’t put a site on the Internet unless you plan to do it very well. Having a plain vanilla, flyer type page that really doesn’t offer much of value, will actually diminish your prestige as a real estate professional.
  • Don’t build a site unless you plan on marketing it!!!!!!!!!
  • Don’t Have a ‘build it and they will come’ approach. Just because you paid to have a real estate agent website designed by a ‘professional’ company does not mean you will make any money from your site.
  • Don’t The site design has too many links. Many agents try to put a zillion links on their site in hopes of giving the customer a choice to click on something that might interest them. This is a HUGE mistake
  • Don’t have a ‘flyer’ type page with slogans, mission statements and repeated exclamation points.  They tell the prospect you are offering nothing but hype.
  • Don’t load your Home Page up with pictures and animations that don’t contribute to advancing your prospect’s interest.  You have about 10 seconds to capture the browser’s attention before they click on their ‘back’ button and try the next site on their list.  All of these elements slow down the download process of your home page

Our team at RE/Advantage can guide you when developing your Web presence. It is very confusing to most agents when they begin as they have no idea where to start or who to turn to when getting a Web site.  Give us a call or contact us if you need some good advise.

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