Why are Quick Search and Featured Property Widgets Important

Typically on average you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a potential client that visits your website – so what can you do to keep them interested long enough to chose you as their Real Estate Professional? Create a website that offers information available to your clients with just one click of the mouse. RE/Advantage has seen the effect that a Quick Search module and a Featured Property widget can have on a Real Estate website and has incorporated that into their web designs.

RE/Advantage’s Quick Search module allows home buyers to easily search for a home via their IDX listings by simply selecting their preferred property type, number of beds/baths, price range and community or area they are interested in. From there the buyer is brought to a comprehensive results page that outlines properties that match the clients search criteria. Very easy and straight forward to use – which will be helpful in allowing your potential clients to easily navigate your website for the Real Estate needs.

Check out an example of RE/Advantage’s Quick Search module!

The Featured Property widget RE/Advantage has developed is both stunning and informative. With several customizable options, RE/Advantage clients can either display their Featured Properties as a single listing of have several appear on their home page, always changing with a simple page change or refresh. RE/Advantage’s Featured Property widget allows Real Estate buyers to view the listing detail by easily clicking on the photo of “More Information” button on the widget.

Check out an example of RE/Advantage’s Featured Property Widget!

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of these services! With added office and listing exposure, plus a giant SEO boost – you can’t go wrong with RE/Advantage’s incomparable Real Estate website services.

3 thoughts on “Why are Quick Search and Featured Property Widgets Important

  1. RE/Advantage’s Quick Search module, price, pleasse.
    I am sorry, but english.
    Por favor me podrian informar precio Search module, disculpen mi ingles es muy malo, Norma


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