You and Your Real Estate Website – Quick SEO Facts

I constantly get clients that come to me and say – “I did what you told me to do, why isn’t my website on the first page of Google”

Now if it were as simple as changing a few words and adding a couple photos and videos to your home page everyone would be masters of SEO and their websites, but there are other factors that have to be considered when talking about the search engine optimization value of a real estate website.

Factors that contribute to SEO:

  • The age of your domain name
  • Content uniqueness
  • Updated content
  • Inbound links
  • Outbound links (and the relevancy of those outbound links)
  • Website structure accessibility (navigation is easy to find throughout site)

Factors that contribute to SEO – Keywords:

When designing a web page for search engine purposes, you need to consider what the page is about, in other words, what are the keyword phrase(s) you want to tailor the page to.  Try to focus on one set of specific and narrow keywords, i.e.; hackensack nj real estate, condos on prospect avenue hackensack.  Building these types of keywords, often referred to as Long Tail Keywords, provides you a better chance of ranking in your SERP’s.  Here are some things to consider when writing about your keywords.

  • Use your keywords in the title of the page
  • When appropriate bold and italic the keywords
  • Try to place your keywords keywords in the beginning of the body text if you can
  • Always use your keywords in body text
  • Place keywords in URL of an outbound or internal link to build the importance of the phrase
  • Get outbound links of related pages
  • Cross reference internal links with other pages on your website of a similar topic

As you can see there are many other factors to look at when trying to boost the SEO of your website and I only mentioned a tiny portion of them. Keeping your content updated and unique is a quick way to boost the SEO of your website as well as adding photos, videos, inbound and outbound links but again keep in mind your site will not hit #1 over night and may never be in the #1.  However good common sense, quality content and links can certainly provide you with favorable results.

3 thoughts on “You and Your Real Estate Website – Quick SEO Facts

    1. Blogging and micro-bloging like Twitter definitely have a huge SEO advantage. Don;t discount blog rolls but the effort in blogging is much more lucrative.


  1. “I did what you told me to do, why isn’t my website on the first page of Google”

    That question is all telling that this person has a looooong journey of learning ahead of them and they have not even gotten on the road yet.

    With that in mind, your post is a good start..



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