Will Microsoft’s new mobile OS take the world by storm?

Today, Microsoft announced the latest evolution in their Windows Mobile platform at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona. Windows Mobile will be transformed into Windows Phone 7 Series. And it’s not just a name change. Microsoft has completely rebuilt their mobile operating system from the ground up. Gone is the familiar “Start” menu and other traditional buttons – a serious departure for Microsoft.

New look – simple yet elegant

Phone Series 7 uses a completely new tiling system as navigational elements throughout the operating system which can be customized by the user. As you would expect, this new OS features tight integration with Zune, Xbox Live, and social networking sites such as Facebook. In fact, Zune users will recognize the large icons and oversized text, all being linked to different views. Some may immediately feel that the new look and feel is too bland. But Microsoft has spent a great deal of time making the new OS powerful yet simply easy to use.

Controlling the hardware

While Microsoft does not plan to manufacture the actual handsets on which the new OS will run like Apple does, they are taking a bigger role in the specifications and requirements that the manufacturers must meet this time around. Presumably, by setting these requirements, Microsoft can be assured that the end-user experience will not be hindered by underpowered or inadequate hardware, which would hurt Microsoft in the long run. They also want to ensure a consistent user experience no matter which company makes the actual phone you purchase.

Microsoft expects the new OS to be out for the 2010 Holiday season. But for some hands-on sneak peeks at Windows Phone 7 Series now, head on over to Engadget, or visit Microsoft’s official site.

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