Google Adds Facebook Fan Pages to Real Time Index

Facebook Fan Pages have been added to Google’s Real Time Search.  Google originally announced this back in December but has finally implemented it.  They announced this via a Tweet last week.

So what does this mean?  Well for one thing, your Fan Pages just got more interesting.  Agents with Fan Pages can now enjoy being indexed by Google which will add a whole new level on why Fan Pages are important.  A few months back I spoke of building speciality and/or community Fan Pages and now here is one more reason why.

It is important to understand that Google is only indexing Facebook Fan Page updates.  Items such as comments by fans or updates on your personal pages are not included.  Posts made by Fan Page Owners like links, status updates, videos and photos all will be indexed by Google.

The only search engine streaming Facebook Public Profiles are Bing as of this date.  Let’s wait and see if Google makes that jump to in the future.

If you need help in building your next Fan Page or are confused in how to run one please contact me and I can point you in the right direction.

10 thoughts on “Google Adds Facebook Fan Pages to Real Time Index

  1. I have a fan page which I have not yet published. I have a personal facebook profile mostly for social & professional networking. Although I keep separate lists of friends & professionals my posts & wall back & forth seems to be available to everyone that is friended which is fine.

    Every so often I make a realtor plug, no hard selling maybe an article about foreclosures, or a comment about real estate in general.Try to keep it more entertaining than sales pitched.

    But the other fan pages from realtors that run through my wall is usually met with negative comments from my friends (i.e. get this sales stuff out of here). So I don’t want to publish my page if it is going to automatically be fed into my regular fb page. I run my blog through which contains some real estate stuff/mostly south Florida events, info.

    My question is: if I publish my fb fan page will it run through as if it were posted to my fb wall? Or does it run only to the people that sign up for it? And to get them to sign up for it I guess I have to let everyone I know that it’s there.

    Help!!! Afraid to push that button


    1. When you post something on your Fan Page and you are a Fan of that page, the post will appear on your wall. Of course it also posts to the walls of all the fans as well.

      Yes getting them to sign up is a marketing process. A good start if with your FB friends, your website, your blog, etc. Show the value of having them become a fan. What is your FB Fan Page URL. I would like to check it out.


  2. Thanks Mark, it’s
    Peterborough real estate-Gina Gross
    I’m not very good at technical stuff so go easy on me! I’d also like to increase my fan base.


  3. Hi Mark,I too would truly appreciate your input on my page and also if I am even doing it correctly 🙂 Page name is Marshfield Area Homes & Info. I’m certain I dont have the entire concept and would like more info on the goggle searching for fan pages. Thank you in advance!


    1. Sue;

      I took a look at your Fan Page. Great start, you post often and that is FANTASTIC! Here are a few suggestions. Get a badge on your website to attract your website visitors over. Also create a tab on your Fan Page for Mansfield and pack it full of SEO rich content for Mansfield with links to content on your website. Also try to get more keyword rich updates. Just as a quick example. Here is your latest update: Good Morning! Here is an article for those of you who may be building this year and looking for “Green” ideas. Also check out my web page for building lots/land :), perhaps it could have read; Good Morning Mansfield! Here is an article for those of you who may be building this year and looking for “Green” ideas in the Mansfield WI area. Also check out my web page for building lots/land in Mansfield 🙂 If you read one of my recent posts, Google is indexing your updates so making them keyword rich when possible is good, just do not over do it and every update does not have to be keyword rich.


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