Rumored Enhancements to Gmail Security Expected

There has been mention that Google will add some new security measures sometime this week or early next week to Gmail.  The proposed enhancements are being implemented to reduce phishing and hacking problems relating to Gmail account users. These changes include  an extra level of security  There are two specific changes that we’ve heard Google is implementing.

1: When a user loses or forgets their password and the account is being accessed by a new computer, the account user will have the ability of getting a text  message with a new one time pass key. This will authenticate the user as the owner of the email addresses and prevent others from accessing. You may see this feature on many banking sites as I do with Chase and bank of America account logins.

2: Google may also be integrating a new version of QA for its contacts exporter. This service is often used by other email providers to import Gmail users accounts.  There may less of a security hole rather than storing user credentials. The proposed changes could be implemented as a result of a Chinese security problem happening earlier this year.  This  line of security for users would have prevented the Twitter documents issue from last year which started with a  guessed Gmail password and went way out of control. The mentioned security measures have not been confirmed by Google. Over the next few days to a week we shall see if these security features have been added.

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