Easy photo editing for today’s busy REALTORS®

One of the most challenging tasks that a busy REALTOR® on  day-to-day basis is dealing with the photos of their listings. Some have difficulty using today’s digital cameras, let alone editing and fine-tuning the pictures after they are taken.

Online photo editing — no software required

An easy way to edit your photos, just by using your web browser, is a free service provided by PICNIK.COM. Using this service, you can upload your raw pictures to them, then edit them in real time using your browser. Don’t feel like tinkering with some of the more advanced features — just click their AUTO-FIX button, and the system will automatically adjust a variety of picture settings to help it look great. But if you feel like making further adjustments to a photo, feel free to change other parameters such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, exposure, colors and even red-eye adjustments. Finally, you can crop, re-size and rotate each picture to get it just right.

It’s even “social”

While PICNIK can easily edit photos that you have stored on your computer’s hard drive, it can also retrieve from, edit, and save back to many popular social networking and file sharing services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and MySpace. So, if you already have uploaded some photos to a Flickr gallery, you can open those photos directly from PICNIK, edit them, and save them right back to Flickr, all within PICNIK, and without having to download them to your hard drive first.  Of course, you can also just print or email your photos from with PICNIK.

With their free version, you have access to some very nice photo editing tools, and it will keep track of all of your edits for your last 5 photos. Their interface is very nice looking and easy to use.

Google enters the photo editing cloud

To make thing even more exciting, Google has purchased PICNIK today. And when this happens, you can usually count on even bigger and better things. Even though PICNIK tightly integrates with Flickr (owned by Google’s competitor, Yahoo), let’s hope that it doesn’t change now that Google is in charge.

Why not register for a free PICNIK account and give it a try. You may just find yourself spending less time editing photos, and more time selling real estate.

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