Can Squidoo Really Work for the REALTOR®?

This is the year of the Social Network.  Everywhere you turn you hear about people using Social Networking to connect and get business.  Social bookmarking is a buzz word now and smart people use it often, I know I do.  These strategies work if you doubt me just Google it.  So in comes Squidoo.   Although Squidoo is a fairly new company their Google Page Rank is already 8.

So what is a Squidoo Lens?

Squidoo is all about sharing information.  You become an authority on a topic and you create a Lens (Squidoo’s name for a single page on their site).  Create a comprehensive and professional lens, you become the authority and you will start to get some eyeballs on the page.

Squidoo is actually a publishing platform and community that makes it easy for you to create these  “lenses” online.  You can also think of lenses as kind of like flyers or signposts or overview articles, that gather everything you know about your topic of interest–and snap it all into focus.  Like the lens of a camera, your perspective on something.  Creating a Squidoo Lens is another way to put yourself or your services into Cyberspace.

But Squidoo is not the only answer.  Because Squidoo is so popular take advantage of the site by linking to your website and bring a high Page Ranked site on an inbound link to you.  The better the lens, the better the rankings, the better the inbound link becomes.

Creating Killer Squidoo Lenses

There is no simple formula to create a Squidoo lens other than you should be using good SEO practice, be through, write well, and as always make the content scannable.  If you write a well thought out Lens (remember a Lens is just a page) so that it will be attractive to the person reading it you will attracts viewers.  Images are always helpful so put some pictures up too.  When creating a Lens you can also pull an RSS feed in so perhaps link this to your blog or even a RSS feed of relevant information.

Remember Lenses are not the only secret to success

Don’t rely on Lenses as your only source of marketing.  This is only one item in your arsenal of social networking techniques.  Blogging, Facebook, Bookmarking, ActiveRain are all other avenues you also should be using in one form or another.  Success does not necessarily come easily.  If it did we ALL would be a giant in the industry.  Keep in mind that this works best when you integrate several things together into a fluid SEO plan that encompasses several techniques.

So with that in mind, Squidoo can be effective for the REALTOR® especially in the Hyper Local Content area.  It is another avenue to explore when trying to build your presence and one worth looking at.

4 thoughts on “Can Squidoo Really Work for the REALTOR®?

  1. I have to admit I’m shocked to see someone in the Real Estate business talking about an article marketing site like Squidoo. I’m a big fan of Seth Godin, so naturally I think Squidoo is pretty cool.

    I almost feel like an agent would be better off putting some of their high end writing on Squidoo not only for the exposure, but as a place to push traffic.

    Like you said, the lens should link back to your site. the main advantage to putting your best work on Squidoo is obviously the SEO benefit. Your key words would be picked up way quicker in your lens over your blog.

    Good stuff, I’m feeling like I need to do a Squidoo project soon. 😉 Thanks for the reminder.


    1. Jonathan – You are so right. This year is going to be interesting for the Agent and Social Networking. I cannot wait to see how this all unfolds.


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