My home is in trouble! How do I find a good agent?

Many homeowners are crying for help as they have seen their American dream decline in value coupled with the fact that many people have lost their jobs and are having trouble meeting their monthly mortgage payments. What choices do these homeowners have?  Where can they find a real estate agent who can explain the many options available to them to either stay in their home or to engage in a short sale rather than foreclose. Better yet, where can they find invaluable information relating to the many programs available to them? The answer is your Website.

Your Website is the key to providing important information that can educate homeowners. In your site you can talk about short sales and the benefits of engaging in a short sale rather than foreclosing. Talk about all the pros and cons and the steps necessary to do this.  As a service your Website can also talk about the many programs has to offer, such as the” Making Your Home Affordable Program”.

Being that many homeowners are not up to speed on the definitions of certain words relating to foreclosure or short sales, you can provide a glossary of terms like  Deed in lieu. Also give examples of how a deed in lieu is better than foreclosing.

I have seen so many homeowners looking for this type information. People will generally use Google as a means of finding resources. For these homeowners to find you and your site, you need to make sure that you have provided this content.

Try to keep you content constantly updated with new programs and resources that are available. By doing this you will find that not only are you branding yourself as source of information, you will also possibly see better search engine rankings.

RE/Advantage’s flag-ship product, “Agent Central Max” offers real estate agents and brokers with the tools necessary to maintain and update their Website.

When you log in to Agent Central Max, you can use the content editor to frequently update your services.  Again, keeping your information updated frequently, is important as it will also keep existing visitors  coming back to your Website. Agent Central Max also has a Document Manager that will allow to upload any related articles that may be useful to the consumer. If you want to add updated news and events you can enter this information in the News Manager of Agent Central Max . There are so many useful tools available in Agent Central Max that can help you achieve success as an Real Estate Agent or Broker. To learn more about Agent Central Max please contact us at 877-791-4825.

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