To Press Release Or Not To Press Release

Press Releases Can Boost Your Business

Press releases can be a great way to spread news about you or your Real Estate Office but they are also a good way to add relevance to your website and in turn can increase your SEO.  Why is this?  Because search engines love Press Releases (because they contain fresh and new content) and that in turn can drive traffic to your website.

Search engine rankings play a key role in today’s REALTORS Internet marketing strategy.  SERP send interested buyers and sellers to your website looking for real estate.  Once they get on your site do not forget to add an IDX search to bring the inventory of your MLS to your website and also make sure you have good content keep your prospects interested.

So anything to add to your overall SEO is helpful.  In comes Press Releases.  Adding Press Releases to your marketing efforts is yet another way to bring eye balls to your website.

Press Releases are also a natural complement with today’s Social Networking trend.  Announcing a release on Twitter and Facebook is sure to draw traffic.

Here are some good tips to use when doing a Press Release.

  1. You can use a free Press Release for most of your posts if you like.  I have listed some below.  However if you have a significant release, try using a paid one.  They are syndicated to more sources and you can then add an outbound link back to your website.
  2. Be sure to announce your Press Release on Social Networks like; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Active Rain.
  3. Include the Press Release on your website as well.

Here are some press release distribution sites (some are paid and some are free):

I use Press Releases in my marketing efforts and we do in fact see a return.  This return has not only been measured in increased leads but also in terms of adding relevant content to our website as well as a great too for Social interaction. Give it a try and let me know how it works.  If anyone is doing them now, please share your experience so we all can learn from it.

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