5 Points That Will Take Your Blogging Presence Up, Up and Away!

There are several points to remember when creating or maintaining a blog. If you are looking to start a blog you should know that it is important to brand your name or business to your blog and for you “pro-bloggers” you may want to revamp your existing blog to promote your image/profession better. So here it is my list of blogging musts:

Name of your Blog – the name of your blog is very important, especially if you are concentrating on writing hyper local content posts. If you are just starting to blog take a few minutes to think about what topic your blog posts will revolve around, it may be easier to choose a title after you start writing a few blog post drafts (before posting them). If you already blog and wish to change the name of your blog, look back at your posts and choose a title from a more generalized standpoint. Ex. NJ Real Estate Tips or Essex County Homes and Estates – again depending on the topics of your posts.

Call to Action in Footers – if you are using WordPress as your blogging platform you can include footers in your post, which briefly explain what your blog article is about. This gives you a great opportunity to entice your readers to browse further through your post and your blogging archive, if included.

Outbound Links – these are links to other resources or websites outside of your blog post. Typically in a post you will include a little information or explanation of a resource and then use hyper-linked text within your post to link to the original content in which you got your information.

Interlinking Posts – for those of you who do not understand what this means, interlinking posts means you support information and facts in a blog post with content from another one of your posts. By interlinking your posts you not only boost the SEO of your blog but also offer your readers useful links to more information through YOUR blog.

Blog Archive – this is a great tool to have especially if you are an avid blogger. By creating a blog archive you now show that you are an organized professional that offers the highest quality services to your clients. If you had the knowledge to include such a user-friendly “blog directory” you are well on your way to having a productive blog!

RE/Advantage offers one-on-one blogging consultations whether you are starting your own blog or looking to further your blogging presence. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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