Think You’re the Online Marketing Master – Think Again! Check Out These 5 Points and See How You Measure Up

Think you're doing all you can to surpass the many REALTORS® in your area with your online marketing strategies? Check out these 5 points and see if you’re doing all you can to get your name, business and services out into the ever evolving world of Real Estate online marketing!

My home is in trouble! How do I find a good agent?

Distressed homeowners are looking constantly looking for information on the Internet that will help them. Are they visiting your Web site for information?

Are you ready for the iPad?

That's right. In less than 3 weeks, the revolutionary new device from Apple will begin shipping. On Thursday, Apple started accepting pre-orders, and some sites estimate 50,000 were sold in the first 2 hours alone. So what is everyone so excited about? What is so great about the iPad, and will it be something you … Continue reading Are you ready for the iPad?