HouseLogic: Add Content To Your Site

HouseLogic, NAR’s new consumer based site, gives consumers a wealth a valuable information for home owners to increase or maintain the value of their home. Consumers get can gain insight on many home improvement ideas as well as financial information such as taxes and insurance information.

The National Association of  REALTORS® created HouseLogic to help Real Estate consumers be more informed as it will help to stabilize and possibly increase the value of the housing market.

How can HouseLogic help an agent or broker?  HouseLogic allows REALTORS®  to use its content on your site. This will add more value to your site as you are able to keep in contact with your clients and customers. To use the content simply go to  REALTOR® Content Resource. You can easily integrate this content to your agent or broker Web site as well as your blog site or even your newsletters. Using the content also has another benefit as it will show your clients you are a housing expert.

Every REALTOR’S® Web Site should not only provide consumers the ability to search listings, it should also provide  rich content to educate potential home buyers and home sellers and attract new potential clients.  Remember, your Web site is a tool for consumers. Adding HouseLogic content to your Web site  is another great way to assist you in your branding efforts.

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