Hit the Elusive Blogging “Wall”? – Check out My Plan B List of Blogging Topic Resources

Once in awhile I run into a blogging “wall” where I could search for hours on a topic to blog about and nothing seems to spark my interest. So I un-glue my eyes from my computer screen and simply run through my list of “Plan – B’s” that I’d like to share with you:

Write a Response: Instead of just writing a comment on someone else’s blog, make an entire post out of your reaction to another blog post or article – you may surprise yourself with all that you have to say if you find a particularly controversial post!

Create A Series: If you are looking to covering a large topic why not break it up into multiple posts or articles instead of one large blog post – that way you are also allowing for more comments and followers as well.

Go Offline: Probably the best advice I could give an active blogger! It’s not always about what you find online. Go through you office or home and find current newspapers, magazines or books which are great resources to generate new blogging ideas.

Get Guest Bloggers: No one says you have to write all the blogs yourself! Think about getting guest bloggers! Guest bloggers get the recognition for writing on your blog and you get free content, it’s a win-win situation! RE/Advantage is currently looking for ambitious bloggers to become guests on our RE/Advantages blog – please contact us if you are interested!

Interview Someone: Find an expert or someone affiliated with your niche and interview them. You’ll even get more points if you video tape the interview and create a vlog (video blog) for your readers!

Scan the Twitter-verse: If you are still having issues finding something to write about check the Twitter-verse. Chances are anything you can think of is being talked about on Twitter. Use Twitter’s Search to find what people are talking about in your niche.

Happy Blogging!!


RE/Advantage specializes in Real Estate Website Design, IDX Solutions, and Internet Technology. We have been working with the Real Estate Industry for over 10 years so we understand what makes a site work for you and your buyers and sellers. After all we have been developing real estate web sites, Internet tools and marketing strategies since 1997. No one provides a more comprehensive, well-thought-out site and tool set for your Internet presence. We provide you with not only the tools to manage and customize your site, but the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are here to help if you need us.

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